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The butterfly represents transformation, beauty, and the accomplishments you can achieve when you believe in yourself. Just how the experience of a touch of this natural beauty can be an incredibly gentle and blissful, so is this glycerin soap! It is the mildest soap made from premium quality glycerine base that gently creates a protective layer and works on your skin in the best possible way. It is suitable for all skin types, even a delicate or sensitive skin. It is also beneficial for those exposed to constant heat or radiation.


Anudin Glycerine Soap

  • Key Ingredients

    Glycerine base, Vitamin E, Fragrance

  • Wt. 100 g

Palm Oil Free_3.jpg
Paraben Free_3_edited.jpg
Cruelty Free_3_edited_edited.jpg
Nitrite Free_3.jpg
Sulphate Free_3.jpg
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