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‘Ubtan’ or ‘Utane’ is a mesmerizing combination of herbs incorporated to take care of your skin. The process of application of this powder to the skin is known as ‘Udvartanam’.

After applying warm oil on the skin, to remove the excess oil from the skin Utane can applied. In addition, Utane can be used throughout the year to energize and exfoliate the skin. It removes foul body odour and gives your refreshing feeling after every use. The process of applying Utana helps in bringing balance and stability to the body parts. It also imparts good skin complexion.

Anudin Ayurvedic Ubtan Powder

  • Key Ingredients

    Masoor dal seeds, Vala roots, Nagarmotha rhizome, Anantmool roots, Awalakathi fruit, Jeshthamadh roots, Ambehalada rhizome, Neem, Bawchi seed, Vekhand rhizome, Multani mitti, Fragrance

  • Wt. 20g

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Paraben Free_3_edited.jpg
Cruelty Free_3_edited_edited.jpg
Nitrite Free_3.jpg
Sulphate Free_3.jpg
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