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‘Abhyanga oil’ or ‘bath oil’ is commonly known as Ayurvedic Massage oil. This 100% natural oil is made up of handpicked herbs blended with useful oils and extracts. Ayurveda advices application of this oil every day before taking bath as part of a daily regimen – ‘dinacharya’. When we follow this regimen meticulously, we are blessed with toned flawless skin and muscles. It helps slow down wrinkle formations and can delay the process of skin ageing. It is very useful to control the action of increased 'vata' dosha inside our body.

For maximizing the results, you can warm the oil before use. Apply on empty stomach. This oil gets absorbed easily into the skin yet is not very greasy. It moisturizes the skin instantly. The oil is tender enough and can improve muscle tone and strength.


Anudin Ayurvedic Massage Oil

  • Key Ingredients

    Anantmool roots, Manjeeshtha roots, Rose, Chandan stem, Vekhand rhizome, Ambehalad, Bawchi seeds, Til oil (Sesame oil), Fragrance

  • Wt. 50 ml.

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