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Dr. Vivek S.Haldavnekar

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Dr. Vivek S. Haldavnekar is an eminent and highly experienced Ayurvedic doctor in Kolhapur. He is also joined by his younger daughter Dr. Shruti Haldavnekar Nadkarni at his ayurvedic hospital in Kolhapur. His elder daughter Dr. Richa Haldavnekar Deshpande is one of the best ayurvedic doctor in Pune practicing since 2014. Dr. Haldavnekar practices Panchabhautik chikitsa and has devoted his entire life for patient care, ayurvedic treatments using ayurvedic medicines and the spread of Ayurvedic knowledge and wisdom. With his over 35 years of Ayurvedic practice and research he has been instrumental in reshaping and rejuvenating lives of countless patients from what may have seem initially as an impossible ailment to cure... 

Consultations Offerred

Dr.Vivek Haldavnekar - over 35 years of profound excellence in the field of Ayurveda

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Cactus Plant
Pregnant Woman Practicing Yoga
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Adorable Girl with Pediatrician
Taking blood pressue


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Spine disorders


Heart care

Diabetes Self Management Program


Asthma & breathing disorders

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Kidney disorders

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Hair fall

Natural Soap

Skin treatment

Infertility counselling

Healthy pregnancy planning

Paediatric care



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Stress management

Yoga Pose

Yoga , Meditation & Panchakarma

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Weight management

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Geriatric care

Green Smoothie

Nutrition & Diet


Knees & Joints care

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